After not being able to turn my head while driving because my neck and shoulder were so stiff I decided to give acupuncture a try. I called Matt and he was very accomodating of my insurance and after three visits I was amazed by the range of motion I had back. I feel better than I have felt in two years and am so grateful because I can pursue my interests pain free and even sleep better. I am an RN and I see Matt now for little tune-ups now and then and I can not say enough good words about his professional manner and style.


I first went to see Matt at Hudson Valley Acupuncture in late 2007. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant-with no success-for 2 years. We had all of the traditional fertility testing done up to this point, and they couldn’t find anything wrong with us. We fell in the “unexplained” category. Well, I knew that my age wasn’t helping anything…I was in my mid-thirties, approaching my late thirties, and I was starting to get worried. My husband and I weren’t interested in undergoing invasive fertility treatments. But we really wanted a baby. And the yearning that I felt for a baby was so overwhelming that it was hard to think of anything else.

Initially I was a little fearful of acupuncture. They are needles after all! But that faded away after my first session. The calm and relaxation that came over me with each session kept me coming back. I really felt that I was getting healthier. My treatments were focused on fertility, but anyone struggling to become pregnant knows how stressful it is, so this was such an amazing bonus! I felt that it was at times the only place where I could really let go of my angst. Slowly I started to feel the cloud lifting. I was getting stronger, and more at peace with my body.

One June afternoon, I went for my acupuncture appointment, and I had a feeling I might be pregnant but it was too soon to tell. I remember Matt commenting on how healthy I looked and things just seemed to be balanced. Sure enough, shortly afterwards I found out I was pregnant! The day my husband and I left the doctor’s office where they confirmed my pregnancy, we stopped by to share the news with Matt. He was the first person we told and he shared in our joy and excitement! We will forever be grateful to Matt.

I truly believe that my beautiful daughter is here because of the miracle of acupuncture. I tell my story to whoever will listen, because it has changed my life. I would encourage anyone who is experiencing the pain of not being able to conceive to go to Hudson Valley Acupuncture and meet with Matt. It is the best decision that I have ever made!


I was having a hard time both becoming pregnant and holding a pregnancy. My husband and I were trying to conceive for about a year when I started doing acupuncture treatments with Matt.

It was such an emotional time; when preparing to create our family it never occurred to us that there would be so much difficulty and loss. I was grateful for the compassion and respect that Matt showed when we started working together. I was nervous at first – I’m a little scared of needles – but Matt helped me to feel comfortable with the treatments.

We have two children now, and I still try to make sure that I get in to see Matt on a regular basis. We are so grateful.


Matt Purcell is truly gifted in the art of acupuncture. He has provided dramatic pain relief during the healing of my broken leg, and has also successfully treated my asthma, chronic sinus problems, and my often high anxiety levels. Matt is an impressively knowledgeable, gentle, pleasant healer who is genuinely dedicated to improving the health and well being of his patients. Having had a previous negative acupuncture experience before becoming Matt's patient, I was delighted to feel my pain lessen after just one session with Matt. Matt always asks about the effectiveness of the previous acupuncture treatment, patiently answers all of my questions, and also inquires if I have any other areas of concern. Since becoming an acupuncture patient of Matt Purcell, I have grown more pain-free, stronger and healthier. Matt's acupuncture sessions have enabled me to partially resume my daily exercise regimen and to better live the life I want to lead.


I went to Matt because I wanted help dealing with allergies and a friend recommended him. He did help, but I got so much more than I ever thought was possible. On a whim, I asked him if he had ever treated anyone for tinnitus - and he cured that internal ringing in my ears forever! That was almost 10 years ago. Words fail to say how strongly I recommend him.