Like many Acupuncturists in this country, I was introduced to this medicine by being a patient first. Not finding relief or answers through traditional medical channels for my health issues, I eventually found my way to acupuncture and herbs. I was quite taken aback at how fantastic I felt after just a few treatments! As opposed to feeling drugged from pharmaceuticals, herbal medicine worked and was giving me no side effects. I continued to rely on Eastern medicine for the next three years, and in that time my immune system was so strong, that I did not even have a single cold, allergy, or headache.


Why I decided to learn and practice this medicine is still somewhat of a mystery. One day I was chatting with my wife, and I blurted out the words "I have to go to acupuncture school." I felt as if the decision was made for me, and I was just along for the ride! Within a week, I applied and was accepted to Southwest Acupuncture College in Santa Fe, New Mexico. What followed next was 4000 hours of schooling, studying and practicing of acupuncture and its theories, herbal medicine and nutrition. Sprinkled in there somewhere, our son Jack was born in dramatic fashion.


I was born and raised here in Ulster County, and my family line has been here for over 230 years. I feel my roots here quite strongly, and it brings me immense fulfillment to have been offering health and wellness here for over a decade.